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Company information

brno2The company iMi Partner, a.s. has been operating on the market as a specialist in advertising and promotion materials in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The main line of the company's business activities is purchase and sale of goods and services associated with printing of the goods.

The sales policy of the company is mainly personal attitude to customers in combination with e-shop. The company has affiliates in Brno and Prague, Ostrava and Pilsen. The partner company iMi Asia Ltd. with the registered office in Hong-Kong specialises in export of goods from China and production of the trademark Schwarzwolf. In Slovakia the company has a sister company iMi Trade s.r.o. a iMi Sped s.r.o. The registered office in Brno plays an important role mainly in terms of management, logistics and print of advertising materials. The affiliates then operate exclusively as business representation. Go to contacts of all affiliates.

mapa_iMi_1The company registers thousands of customers. The below named are among the most important ones: Allianz pojišťovna, a.s.; ČEZ a.s.; Chiquita, s.r.o.; Nestlé Česko s.r.o.; Provident Financial, s.r.o.; Stavby silnic a železnic, a.s.; UniCredit Leasing CZ, a.s.; WALMARK a.s.; Ferrero Česká s.r.o.; GE Money Bank, a.s.; GENERAL BOTTLERS CR s.r.o.; MIELE, spol. s r.o.; Mittal Steel Ostrava a.s.; ORIFLAME CZECH REPUBLIC s.r.o; PARAMO a.s.; Plzeňský Prazdroj a.s.; PRICEWATERHOUSECOOPERS ČESKÁ REPUBLIKA s.r.o. 

General information

Trade name: iMi Partner, a.s.
Legal form: Joint stock company
Company Registration Number: 25308033, VAT Registration Number: CZ25308033 - xtract from the commercial register on
Registered office of the company: Dusíkova 3, 638 00 Brno
Fixed capital: CZK 10,000,000
Number of employees: 95

Membership in associations 

A3DR - Asociace třídimenzionální reklamy, PSI - Present service institut, PPAI - Promotional Products Association International, IPPAG - International Partnership for Premiums and Gifts 



The company iMi Partner was established in 1993. At the beginning as a company with limited liability and later is was transformed to a joint stock company in 1996.
1997 – setup of in Prague
1999 – setup of affiliate in Ostrava and Warsaw
2000 – capital entry to iMi Trade s.r.o., Slovakia
2002 – fusion with MOARIS GROUP Praha – setup of affiliate in Pilsen – establishment of iMi ASIA Hongkong
2003 – own trademark of outdoor equipment Schwarzwolf launched in the market
2004 – printing works were moved to the newly reconstructed company premises – extension of corporate printing technologies
2005 – building of a warehouse of trademark textile Hanes & Stedman with 24-hour goods delivery
2007 – construction of a new storage hall in Brno
2010 -. Establishment of an affiliate in Liberec by takeover of company Ivana Kavanová – PEN RYVAN
2011 – another trademark of design articles Vanilla Season launched in the market
2012 – establishment of an in-house BTL advertising agency iMi Line

Turnover achieved

obrat_1 1998: CZK 104 million
1999: CZK 142 million
2000: CZK 182 million
2001: CZK 200 million
2002: CZK 230 million
2003: CZK 204 million
2004: CZK 238 million
2005: CZK 293 million
2006: CZK 275 million
2007: CZK 309 million
2008: CZK 336 million
2009: CZK 262 million
2010: CZK 268 million
2011: CZK 262 million
2012: CZK 267 million

Obtained awards

The company was awarded in the contest Star of 3D Advertisement:

absolut 1misto2misto3misto

Hvězda 3D reklamy 2012
Absolute winner: Cooling pint "Kozel”
1st place in category “Advertising gastronomy": Cooling pint "Kozel”
2nd place in category “Promotion gift attached to goods": Wooden Christmas decorations “Orion”
3rd place in category “Use of 3DR within communication mix": Cooling pint "Kozel”


Hvězda 3D reklamy 2011
1st place in category “Promotion gift attached to goods": Dental floss Orbit in a case of a shape of tooth
2nd place in category “Advertising and gift articles for sports, hobby and leisure time": Schwarzwolf Dynamo
2nd place in category “Manager gift up to CZK 5,000": Set of knives in a stand
3rd place in category “Promotion gift attached to goods": Hot water bottle
3rd place in category “Advertising gastronomy": Vanilla Season bowls – Vanilla Christmas

Hvězda 3D reklamy 2010
1st place in category “Advertising or gift packaging”: Package of economy bulbs CEZ
2nd place in category “Manager gift up to CZK 5,000": Collection of New Year's Resolutions
3rd place in category “Advertising and gift articles for sports, hobby and leisure time": Modern promotion bracelet BESIP
3rd place in category “Promotion gift attached to goods": Marťalaser
3rd place in category “Use of 3DR within communication mix": Marťalaser
3rd place in category “3DR hi-tech": Cosmetic tissue with nano-silver component



We are a strong international company providing reliable services that is able to flexibly fulfil customer's desires.
We are a prestigious employer that offers open possibilities to all its employees.
Our contribution for the society is support of education of handicapped children.


Our mission is to proactively bring to customers effective and inspiring solutions in the sphere of 3D advertising, and thus help their prosperity. 


Professionalism, teamwork, helpfulness, openness, reliability 

The company is a member of the IPPAG association.


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